Jeff Dorn

March 2, 2022
DECADES OF PLAYING AND PASSION Jeff Dorn has been playing hockey on and off for 44 years. His passion for the game began as a mite and keep him going as he worked his way up to a couple of years at juniors with the Seattle Thunderbirds and then on to adult league. Hockey has been an integral part of Jeff’s life; he has also graciously given back in the form of coaching youth hockey playe…
Roy Howland Check Presentation

Giving Back to Roy Howland

February 27, 2022
A Gathering of Love and Support Over fifty people rallied to be there for the check presentation for Coach Roy and his wife Virginia. Roy and Virginia lost their home in the Marhall Fire. Nominators Tom Marhall and Mary Strine did an excellent job of rallying lots of folks to remind the Howlands they are loved and supported. Roy is a pillar of the hockey community as a coach and mentor to…

Giving Back to Sean Bolduc

February 18, 2022
A Difficult Journey It’s been a really rough four months for Sean Bolduc and his family, but last night we made things just a little bit better! Sean is a Colorado native, and a product of the Colorado Springs hockey community, attending Widefield High School and playing high school hockey for Palmer High School. After high school Sean headed east to keep his playing career going in Danbury,…

Dan Turner

February 5, 2022
NOT ONE TO SIT OUT A SHIFT Dan was experiencing chest pain and shortness of breath during an over forty game playing for the Spartans. Coincidentally, they were playing the Old DAWGs. Dan kept skating until he asked to sit out the remainder of his shifts. Only a few players were aware of this, being in the middle of the game. When the team got into the locker room, Dan was honest when peop…
Brian Crombie Check Presentation

Giving Back in Honor of Brian Crombie

January 29, 2022
An Emotional Remembrance It was an emotional remembrance of one of Monument Ice Rink’s own on January 29, 2022. Brian Crombie was celebrated by his wife and members of his Mounument Ice Rink Family. Brian lost a battle with five different cancers, complicated by COVID, on November 22, 2022. DAWG Nation was honored to have his wife, Sheila Crombie, present the rink with a check to continue t…
Coen Family at Check Presentation

Giving Back to Tim Coen

January 15, 2022
The Coen Family Takes the Stage As the players, sponsors and locals of Silverthorne came together on Saturday, January 15th for the Party at the Pavilion, Tim Coen was surprised to learn that he was being honored as one of the recipients of the tournament. Tim was joined on stage by his wife Jamilee and one of their sons, as well as a squad of extended family. They were overwhelmed by g…
Nathan Abelein Check Presentation

Giving Back to Nathan Abelein

January 15, 2022
A Special Moment on the Ice In the midst of Saturday’s action, the DAWG Nation Winter Classic came to stop to recognize Nathan Abelein and his wife Merrelyn. The PUPS and Pros came to stop and the little PUPS took a knee in the front row to see the GIVING BACK up close. The pros from the Avs Alumni filled in behind them, including John-Michael Liles, Kyle Quincey, Aaron MacKenzie, and Yan …
Fees Check Presentation

Giving Back to the Family of Rob Fees

January 15, 2022
A Team Rallies Behind their Fallen Captain The Colorado Springs DAWGS, known as the COS DAWGS on the schedule, are a staple at every pond hockey tournament and DAWG Bowl. They had to rally the troops as their founder, captain, and leader, Rob Fees, was killed in motorcycle accident in early November. The team rallied to the ice with custom camo jerseys for their fallen captain, all with…
Christina Montoya Check Presentation

Giving Back to Christina Montoya

December 18, 2021
A Double Check Presentation Christina and the Landsharks had a late game on December 18, so why not rally to the DAWG Nation a check presentation at Bender’s for Craig Stinehour. What Christina didn’t know was that it was also an opportunity to surprise Christina with her own check presentation. With Craig Stinehour’s CIHRA crew and the Landsharks present, we presented Christina with a che…
Stinehour Check Presentation

Giving Back to Craig Stinehour

December 18, 2021
A Rally Around Stiney The DAWG Nation faithful and supporters of Craig Stinehour and Christina Montoya gathered at Bender’s Bar and Grill to rally around these two valued members of the hockey community. Craig was joined by nominator Dan Hohenstein and other CIHRA members, including Gary Pedigo Jr, Jamie Alary,and CIHRA member and DAWG Nation board member Craig Blumengold. Absolutely A…

Chad Bomerschein

December 14, 2021
St. Louis: A special night for DAWG Nation as we had an inaugural check presentation from our St. Louis Chapter to a hockey dad and player Chad Bomerschein. Chad is recovering from a TBI and the St. Louis boys met his deductible head on with a check! A LOVE OF HOCKEY THROUGH THE BLUES Chad Bomerschein didn’t not grow up playing hockey, but found a love for hockey watching the St. Loui…

Giving Back to the Woudstra Twins

December 13, 2021
Our Smallest DAWGS Our logo has never seemed bigger than on the onesies of the Woudstra Twins. We were honored to pay the new parents, Nate and Elle, a home visit to deliver the real check. We were happy to meet the twins for the first time, Wytze and Felix. So great to see both boys healthy and growing towards the hockey expectations set for them. Nate told us the story of trying to ge…
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