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An entertaining blog to help you stay in touch with of our fearless leader. You will have a front row seat to the life and times of Cappy as you bear witness to his life of “no coincidences”. Sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes funny, but always inspirational, you won’t want to miss a single post!

Shutout the Stigma

May 25, 2023
Opening up about mental health has never been something that was easy for me to do. Growing up in the “suck it up and rub some dirt on it” era has ingrained a vulnerability inside my core that is difficult to pierce. But last night I witnessed what real courage and toughness looks like. Johnny, Sandy and Dr. P are strong, courageous and brave men that are willing to share their difficult stor…

Unknown Childhood Friends

May 25, 2023
I met Thompson “Tommy” Smith in 2015 when I was told about an amazing guy that had founded this thriving hockey group called the Mallards. I then found out that this same fella had built Argus Event Staffing from the ground up, married a Bronco cheerleader, had a beautiful home and two great kids. And I also learned that this beloved man was battling an autoimmune disease that was threatening…

A Day with Torin and Lucas

May 18, 2023
It was an eventful Saturday that included a visit to UC Health and a celebration of the accomplishments of a terrific young man. Torin Perrot had a really scary week that began with a seizure that resulted from a brain infection. Things were touch and go early in the week as Torin fell into septic shock and nearly left us. Thanks to the work of the world class staff at UC Health and Tori…

Skylight’s Annual Crawfish Boil

May 9, 2023
It was quite an afternoon/evening at Skylight Specialists for the annual crawfish boil! Danny and Rob’s team crushed it again and blessed me with the opportunity to share the stories of some amazing people and supporters that allow us to impact the lives of so many. Marty Goss of VELUX wowed us by presenting us with a check for $20k as the the Dawg Bowl Naming Sponsor! Sarah Karr wowed m…

Lady Dawgs in Florida

May 9, 2023
A big thank you to Becky Gartman for the awesome gift on Monday night. Becky captained our first ever women’s team at the “USA Hockey National Championships” in Tampa and came home with this awesome photo plaque of the inaugural squad! And in a “no coincidences” moment, our Lady Dawgs team took on the Lucky Pucks from Florida. The captain of the Lucky Pucks happened to be none other than…

A New Friendship

May 9, 2023
It was a day of “no coincidences” at UCHeatlh as the stars aligned once again. Patrick continues progressing ahead of schedule and was at the hospital for a biopsy on his new heart when he heard the name “Sebastian Hitvig” called out. Patrick’s ears perked up and he made sure he connected with this “Sebastian” before he left. You see, this same Sebastian reached out to me just one day earlier…

A Night in Eagles Country

April 28, 2023
Another memorable night, this time at the Budweiser Event Center for a some Eagles playoff action and an opportunity to lift up a young man that could use a little boost. A week ago Ben Bradley reached out to me sharing a story about a thirteen year old that recently lost his dad to cancer. Ben was hoping I could join he and Stephen for a boys night out and maybe sprinkle a little “Cappy Magi…

Welcome Home Patrick!

April 25, 2023
The “Welcome Home P-Daddy Watch Party” was another special night highlighted by Sarah Karr presenting Hilary McNeish with a team signed Avalanche “Hockey Fights Cancer” jersey! Both of these beautiful ladies are battling stage 4 cancer and gaining strength from each other. It was emotional, powerful and important as we once again witnessed the very best that humanity has to offer. S…

A Weekend in St. Louis

April 24, 2023
Kickin’ off St Louis right! First stop was the Blues Alumni locker room with Jonny O! Special thanks for Alum President Bruce Affleck and Jamie Rivers for the tour and hospitality. From there it was delicious St Louis pulled pork sandwich at historic local pub followed by full day riding shotgun with a terrific young man that doesn’t let anything stand in his way! And tonight Jonny and I…


April 24, 2023
The CLASH 3v3 was a huge success on every level crescendoing with a BIG check to an incredible young man. Ashton Stephenson was all smiles as he was surrounded by family, friends, teammates and lots of love! It wasn’t the Dawg Bowl, but our Top Dawgs finally brought home the hardware! Hedgie was amazing and the rest the boys (Barry Goers, Toby Peterson, Gabe Levine, Landon Smith) were all prett…

Elliot Takes the Ice

April 24, 2023
It’s been another amazing day with lots of memories and one incredible highlight. Elliot Gibbs was born with cerebral palsy and has always loved hockey. Despite his passion for the game he has always felt that getting on the ice was not in the cards…until today! He was all smiles as he and I navigated the rink together and fulfilled one of Elliot’s dreams. This pic was snapped by his mothe…

The Long Awaited Call

April 24, 2023
Today is about Patrick “P-Daddy” Donnelly. This amazing young man was placed into my life about a year ago and has been my right hand man ever since. Patrick was 21 when he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure that nearly ended his life and required the insertion of a LVAD pump to allow his heart to continue beating. The LVAD was only a temporary fix as my friend has been awaiting a hear…
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