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The Most Interesting Man in the World

December 14, 2022
If you know me, then you likely know the amazing Cooper “Coop” Tippett! Coop wakes up everyday with the reality of MPS (Morquio Syndrome), a rare genetic disorder that affects his bones, organs, spine and physical abilities. Despite those challenges, Coop lives a very active life showing us all what “living life to it’s fullest” looks like. Check out this week by Coop: Monday – Coop rece…

Go Tigers !!!

December 10, 2022
Quite a night at Robson Arena as I headed down south with my pal, and Tiger legend, Peter Sejna to catch the CC/Omaha game. We were spoiled with by Saunders Construction with the suite life, and CC’s Scott Lowenberg made sure we were lookin’ good in our new CC polos! Another CC legend, Rick Greene, surprised Peter with the actual jersey he wore during the 2002-03 season when he won the Hobey …

Colorado Gives Day Video

December 9, 2022
It’s been quite a week and I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone that have contributed and supported Dawg Nation. We are now over an eye popping $70,000 in Colorado Gives Day donations and they are still coming in! We are beyond blessed to have so many amazing souls in our lives, including the always generous Brandon Lied. Brandon steps up over and over to produce amazing videos fo…

Catching up wth the Czechs

December 7, 2022
So what do you do the day after a record setting “Colorado Gives Day”? Well, you of course set the alarm early, slip on your “Shaw Hockey Productions” socks and join the “Hockey Heals” crew on the ice. After that you take in the Bruins morning skate, meet up with Boston coach Jim Montgomery, and then join Hedgie and a couple other pretty famous Czechs! At that point you somehow end up making yo…

Setting Records!!!

December 6, 2022
What a day!!! Thank you to all that contributed, tuned in, participated and helped make the 2022 Colorado Gives Day our most amazing ever! The Shaw’s once again opened their home and their hearts as we shared powerful stories of some of the lives that we have touched and have also touched ours. We were absolutely blown away as the donations poured in and blew past our lofty goal of $50,000,…

Youre Not Alone

December 5, 2022
This pic absolutely made my day. Taken on Sunday in the courtyard of Craig Hospital, these are two amazing young men (Ethan and Ashton) that have had their respective lives turned upside down. Despite that, the beautiful smiles of these two new friends accentuates the importance of companionship during the healing process. Paramount to the journey is the role of the family and the caretaker. …

No Coincidences at Craig

November 30, 2022
No coincidences were in abundance today when I joined Les Borsheim at Craig Hospital as we visited two tremendous young men. Les, a bruising winger with the Colorado Eagles, was paralyzed in 2008 and spent three months at Craig himself. Today Les took on the role of counselor and friend as he shared his experiences with Ethan and Ashton as they both adjust to a new and unfamiliar life. E…

Humble reminders

November 27, 2022
This was a very cool moment from last night. A young man stopped me in the concorse during the Avs-Stars game and said, “aren’t you the guy that runs Dawg Nation?”. I told him “yes” and he then proceeded to tell me that four years ago he was a high school hockey player when he met me. He reminded me that day I took off my Humboldt bracelet and put it on his wrist. I was pretty floored when he…

What an incrdible group

November 27, 2022
It was quite a night to remember as I was surrounded by some of the best people I know. A young lady in the fight for her life, a first responder that is back after surviving a horrific accident, and an incredible man that hasn’t let the loss of limb slow him down. Quincy Rohrbach has endured way more than any 19 year old deserves, but despite that she faces every day with determinatio…


November 24, 2022
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Reppin’ the gold and green this morning as I think about my extended Humboldt Broncos family and how much I have to be thankful for. Thankful for the beautiful place I get to call home. Thankful that my 16 1/2 year old four legged friend is still able to crank out three mile hikes with me. Thankful for the beautiful family that will fill our home with love in a fe…

A Little Help From Our Friends

November 19, 2022
What a weekend, and it ain’t done yet!! Two big checks on Friday night capped off a wildly successful Hocktoberfest. After getting a few z’s I was right back at it as we spent last night in Loveland on yet another Dawg Nation fundraiser, this one near and dear to my heart. It was absolutely mind blowing to witness the generosity at the Budweiser Event Center as the Eagle faithful joined our n…


November 18, 2022
My favorite pic from Hocktoberfest, friends for life!!
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