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Braving the Storm

February 22, 2023
Wednesday began with plans for a full day in my office to catch up after a long five days running a MN pond tourney. But instead woke up to yet another Colorado foothills snowstorm and an important message. As I was clearing the white stuff I received a text that Sarah Karr was at our Hockey Heals skate. Well so much for best laid plans! Sarah is in the fight for her life against pancreatic can…

Celebrating Ethan

February 19, 2023
One of my favorite parts of being the Dawg Father is the opportunity to combine the talents of others produce amazing results. And that’s exactly what happened this weekend. I met the extremely talented George Canyon last spring and that fast friendship resulted in an amazing song that George wrote for Dawg Nation. Brad Stabio has been a Dawg from day one and is an incredibly talented writer,…

Final Flood

February 17, 2023
Pretty wiped out and ready for a cold one, but no rest for the weary…….yet! Rinks are done and looking amazing. Now it’s prep time for a big night ahead. Pretty special to spend the day with my brother, my big Czech friend, and Robbie O’s amazing son. Just when I was at wits end a gentleman pulled in with his wife. I told him about Dawg Nation and also about Ethan’s story. He l…


February 16, 2023
Home for three days and off again! This time to Minnesota to host a pond hockey tourney to raise money for Ethan Glynn and his family. Ethan was tragically paralyzed on September 2nd and is facing a challenging life without movement below his shoulders. It’s a very important event, but I’m nervous as I may have bit off a little more than I can chew! Running a charity event from 1,100 miles aw…

The Quilt

February 14, 2023
Prior to my epic birthday trip to Saskatchewan, I reached out to Dave Chamberlin to join me and Cindy on our journey to the north. We felt compelled as Dave had lost the love of his life, Karen, to pancreatic cancer just one month before. We knew Dave was hurting and felt it would be good to surround our friend with love. As we wrapped up our memorable two days in Saskatchewan we were jo…

Broncos Scholarship

February 12, 2023
Wow!!!! What an amazing way to celebrate a birthday!! Too many texts, calls, notes, hugs and birthday wishes to count, but read/listened to every single one of them! And donations from tons of you adding up to almost $2,500, absolutely mind blowing! It was a whirlwind with many powerful moments, a few tears and lots of cheers! Along the way I was blessed to skate on the Humboldt ice, pre…

University of Saskatchewan

February 10, 2023
Kicking things off right in Sask as we took in the University of Saskatchewan game while enjoying some great company. Brayden Camrud, a Humboldt survivor, is now a U of S Husky and a terrific host! We had quite the Bronco group that included Jacob & Mandy Wassermann, Mark & Anita Dahgren, Kurt & Celeste Leicht and of course some Dawgs!

Flyin’ Private

February 10, 2023
Let the bday games begin!!! Me and my gal getting ready to board a private jet headed to the Great White North! It’s the first private jet in this guy’s lifetime and you’re probably wondering why in the world I‘d choose Saskatchewan on my virgin flight. Well there is a really good reason for that! To celebrate my birthday I will have the immense pleasure of dropping the puck at the Humboldt/Kin…

Mammoth and Hockey Heals Fight Cancer

February 3, 2023
What a night at Ball Arena as Rick and Riley Alire generously hosted our “Hockey Heals” group as we celebrated the amazing life of Catherine Alire. Eight years ago, Catherine was battling breast and esophageal cancer and was told she only had weeks to live. The diagnosis was not acceptable to this beautiful soul and she showed the world that it was not her time. When I asked Cathy how she def…

Brian Peoples Returns to the Ice: Hockey Heals

February 1, 2023
This morning I had the immense pleasure of sharing the ice with Brian Peoples. Exactly four months ago this former professional triathlete suffered a massive stroke leaving he and his family looking at a very uncertain future. Today Brian joined our “Hockey Heals”’crew and began his road to hockey recovery, wowing us all by showing everyone that he’s still got it! At the end of session Patrick …

The Decision to Make a Difference

January 31, 2023
Today marks five years to the day that I made the biggest (and best) career decision of my life. After 24 years with the same company I chose to step away from very lucrative and safe corporate position to follow my heart and dreams. Looking back, my life actually changed forever in April 2010 when my good friend Jack Kelly left us to be in a better place. A week later at #21’s emotional servic…

Day 3: Ski DAWGS go X Games

January 29, 2023
Dawgs can ski? After Friday’s adventure we were ready for a rebound day! And boy, did Saturday deliver! Thanks to Colorado Extreme, Challenge Aspen, Christy Sports and the generosity of many others, we completed an epic day on the slopes of Snowmass followed up by a VIP experience at the XGames!! I personally pushed my aging body to the limit by attempting to keep up with a three time go…
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