Zlata Leading the Charge!

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Here’s a quick update in the “big heart” department. About a month ago, Zlata Hejduk shared that she and her company, Loro Lino, would be making and donating masks for those who need it most. Zlata reached out to DAWG Nation for volunteers and the generosity started rolling in! Heidi Trubacz. Judy Vennard and Gretchen Ehlers were just two of the many volunteers that have helped Zlata and Loro L…

Gallinari Joins the Pack!

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DAWG Nation has a lot of assets, but height isn’t one of them……until now! Please welcome Federico Gallinari into the pack! We are thrilled to share that Federico will be our summer intern, assisting in all aspects of our organization. Currently a student athlete at Rochester University, Federico is majoring in accounting and sports management, making him a perfect fit for our organization. …

Dr. Durbahn Leads the Pack

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A big shout out to Dr. Becca Durbahn! Becca has been a mainstay with DAWG Nation for many years, setting a wonderful example both on and off the ice. This little dynamo has dedicated her life to others, advocating for children that have nowhere else to turn. Becca’s selflessness has never been more evident as she has turned her attention to assisting and being a beacon of hope to youth that may…

Coach Bob Feels the Love

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Hello to all DAWG Nation. We all know times are certainly difficult right now, and that’s why days like today are so very important. Bob Schoepflin has dedicated his entire life to his community and to the game he loves most, hockey. As a player and coach, Bob has been an integral part of the Colorado hockey landscape for nearly 50 years!! Recently diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer, thi…

Sully is Home

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After two long (and scary) weeks in the ICU, Michael Sullivan retunred home on April 8th!! The Freeman’s joined Cappy to welcome the DAWG legend home! A custom sign by Ella Freeman and a cold Guinness (thank you Smalls) were the icing on the cake for the social distancing celebration! Sully will still be quarantined for 14 days, living in a trailer in the driveway of the family home, …

Bedsey Supports DAWG Nation!

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We are in precarious times right now as families, small businesses, nonprofits and many others are struggling to find their respective footing. We at DAWG Nation still feel very good about our future but at the same time know that 2020 will have challenges that none of us have faced before. We know we’ll be fine because of the unwavering support provided by so many of you. One of those incredib…

Skylight Specialists Recognizes an Unsung Hero!

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Shea Leopoldus Eickelman Hello DAWG Nation, this is a shout out to all the folks on the front line and also one of our big hearted supporters. Like all of us, Skylight Specialists, Inc. is feeling the emotional and financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Doing Their Part And despite that, this incredible company is donating a VELUX sun tunnel each week to someone that bravely stand…

You Never Forget the Ice

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One of the things I miss the most. One of the things I miss the most is ice skating. I’m going to do my best to explain why… Walking into the rink or up to the pond was always a different feeling. You knew that soon you would be set loose onto a frozen surface just waiting to make your mark. While tying my skates, I could feel more and more anticipation grow in my heart, with every swo…
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Winter Classic 2020 huge success

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Many hands make light work. The seemingly endless hours put in by so many made the DAWG Nation Winter Classic Presented by DREP an incredible success! This Is what DAWG Nation is all about as volunteers, players, fans, family members and tons of others rolled up their collective sleeves to create a truly magical weekend. Our mission is to aid families in times of need, and that’s exactly …
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