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Day 2 Weather Forecast: Questionable

January 27, 2023
Not quite the day 2 we had planned as we were met with snow, ice, closed roads, poor travel decisions, questionable singing, bad jokes and a whole lot of team building!! We kicked off at 9:00 am this morning and planned on arriving in Aspen by 1 pm. Well it’s almost 6 pm and we’re still nearly 3 hours from our destination! Definitely throws a monkey wrench into our best laid plans, but everyone…

Day 1: Legendary AVS Game

January 26, 2023
Day one of the “Broncos” invasion is in the books! Lots of highlights including a check presentation to Ashton Stephenson, the suite life at an Avs game, a visit from Super Joe, postgame fun with Bedsey, and putting a bow on the night at Whisky Row! Time for a few z’s before hitting it hard on Friday!

Thank You Park Range Ranch

January 16, 2023
Each year the crew at Park Range Ranch generously host our charity hunting and fishing trips and today was our turn to say “thank you”! First off, a big thanks to Todd Gehrke for helping make this one happen. Coach Bednar joined us for a little postgame celebration while Alex Tanguay (now an assistant coach with the Red Wings) and Pavel Francouz (Avs netminder) signed several items that we’ll t…

Minnesota TV Debut

January 13, 2023
It was another busy day in Minnie as Jan joined me in spreading the word of our upcoming pond tourney benefiting Ethan Glynn. The day included chatting with key members of the Minnesota hockey community, getting a little air time on channel 5, working on my Top Dawgs roster, and closing the deal on yet another sponsorship! At the conclusion of a productive day we topped things off with a well…

DAWG Nation Heads North

January 12, 2023
Hanging in Minnesota with my man Ethan! I’m up here in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes” working on pulling off a benefit pond hockey tournament for this really special kid. Ethan’s life forever changed on September 2nd when a routine tackle in his first ever high school football game turned into the Glynn family’s worst nightmare. On that fateful day Ethan broke his neck and is now paralyzed from t…

Jonny O Jon Orelt reatakes the ice

December 25, 2022
Blessed to receive lots and lots of Christmas wishes today, but this one takes the cake!! Jon “Jonny O” Orelt was paralyzed in the fall of 2020 and faced an uncertain future. Today Jonny celebrated life and Christmas by enjoying a game of pond hockey with old friends, something that seemed impossible just two years ago. This one filled my heart and showed us all that anything is possible…

Welcome Baby Kip to the DAWG Family

December 23, 2022
Today’s hockey post is all about a future hockey star! I had the pleasure of meeting Kip Klaren today, a baby boy with an amazing future ahead. Kip was born on December 18th and is the newest addition to the family of Kaylin and Kyle Klaren. Everyone is doing terrific and looking great! On the “no coincidences” front, Kaylin shared with me that she lost her beloved grandmother on December 18th …

A Hockey Heals Christmas

December 22, 2022
I kept this week’s hockey theme going today with another memorable “Hockey Heals” skate followed by a group breakfast at the Golden Diner. Smiles and laughs were in abundance and we even had a couple of new faces with Craig Graham bringing his two grandsons along to show them the power of love, patience and acceptance. Our skates have allowed us to witness many inspiring stories, but Van Stone’…


December 22, 2022
Little bit of a stretch on my daily post on a week of hockey since these pics are a couple days old, but worth the wait. Tough to beat talking hockey with two of the brightest minds in the game! And getting. another “eights are wild” pic, this time taken by Super Joe himself, isn’t too shabby either! But hands down the best part of both pics is spending a memorable night with BGR8 (Ethan Glynn)…

New Pond New Friends

December 20, 2022
Kicked off today in my happy place! Pond hockey in the Colorado Foothills at 8,000 feet! It was my first time out this winter so naturally I chose to have Sean ”Gags” Gagnon join me! Making it even better was this was my first time ever skating at John Dolan’s magical rink nestled in an incredible setting that would be best described as hockey heaven. The ice was nearly perfect and …

The Avalanche Welcome the Glynn Family

December 20, 2022
Ethan Glynn’s is a tremendous young man that’s life forever changed on 9/2/22. A routine football tackle in his first ever HS game resulted in a broken neck leaving him unable to move his arms and legs. After three months at Craig Hospital and many scary moments along the way, Ethan and his family are adjusting to the new normal. Tonight I had the immense pleasure of treating a special kid to a…

Eights are Wild!

December 17, 2022
My “Jannie” time is much more limited these days as my friend now resides in the the “land of 10,000 lakes”. So when he’s in the 303 we take full advantage! Today we did just that as we headed to Craig Hospital to meet with a very key member of the number 8 club! Ethan Glynn‘s life forever changed on September 2nd when a tackle in his first ever HS football game resulted in a broken neck. Like …
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