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Colorado Gives Day

December 6, 2023
What an amazing day! THANK YOU to everyone that supported by donating, sharing, spreading the word, and tuning in on 2023 Colorado Gives Day! Hundreds of donations added up to an amazing $110,000 this year!! And it was a super special day for me as I was joined by inspirational cancer survivors, Cappy’s kids, hockey legends and many more. All the videos can be found on the Facebook page o…

Warrior Visits Hockey Heals

November 30, 2023
It was a blessed morning at this week’s “Hockey Heals” as Hilary McNeish was able to join us for the first time! Hil isn’t quite ready to take the ice but having her behind the bench was a terrific lift for everyone! This warrior is battling stage four ovarian cancer but it doesn’t keep her beautiful smile from lighting up the room. We also had a record number of skaters at the Edge Ice Arena f…

Ethan the GR8 Livin’ the Dream in Crimson

November 25, 2023
I have lots to be thankful for this holiday season, including calling this fellow number 8 my friend. Ethan “JUST BE GR8” Glynn hasn’t let a life changing injury change him or slow him down. Ethan enjoyed an incredible trip to Tuscaloosa last weekend to watch his beloved Crimson Tide in person. This “once in a lifetime” trip was made possible because of the kindness of many including former Ba…

Van Takes Cap to the Tailgate!!!

November 20, 2023
In 2018, Van Stone was living the American Dream. Beautiful family, beautiful home, and a great life full of adventure and experiences. But that all changed on December 21, 2018 when Van slipped on a staircase in his home. That seemingly inconsequential misstep nearly took Van’s life and resulted in a traumatic brain injury changing his life’s path and life’s paths of those closest to him. …

Coach Carle Show with Jerry DeVaul

November 15, 2023
Pretty fun night with my main man, Jerry DeVaul, as we were guests on David Carle Coach’s Show. We joined host Sandy Clough chatting about Jerry’s journey to sled hockey and the importance of inclusivity in our sport. Also spent some time with current NCAA leading scorer and Top Dawg Jack Devine along with DU winger Tristan Brosz. Not a bad way to spend a Wednesday night!

Don Coombe and Hockey Heals Take Over the Sports Section

November 13, 2023
Every Wednesday morning we gather at the Edge Ice Arena to play a little hockey while lifting those up that need to most. Take a moment to check out this terrific piece from the Denver Post’s Kyle Newman after spending the morning with the Hockey Heals crew. Special thanks to everyone that helps make Wednesday the best day of the week! Check Out the Article HERE

A Blessed Life. Hockey Fights Cancer Night. An Emotional Week.

November 13, 2023
What an emotional roller coaster this last week has been. From lifting up those that needed a little boost, to helping tell the stories of some of our unsung heroes, to saying goodbye to my best friend, to helping create lifetime memories for those that deserve it most, to comforting friends going through the most difficult times of their lives. I look back and wonder how I fit i…

Youre the Man Kenny

November 8, 2023
It’s pretty difficult to find a better hockey announcer than the legendary Kenny Albert. Over the last couple of years I’ve had the immense pleasure of getting to know the “voice of hockey”. Kenny was in Colorado last night doing the Avs/Devils game for TNT but still took the time to meet up and present yours truly with a really thoughtful gift. Thank you Kenny!!

Congrats and Thank You Paul Stastny!

November 2, 2023
A HUGE congrats Paul “Stats” Stastny for tremendous NHL career. 17 years and 1,145 regular season games, pretty darn impressive! But what’s even more impressive is his generosity and support that helped us help others! Paul stepped up countless times with signed jerseys, pucks, sticks and has always been willing to step up for those in need. Perhaps his biggest contributions came after the Humb…

Incredible Hockey Day for our St. Louis Survivors

November 2, 2023
What a day of celebrating life! Surrounded by three gentlemen that have defied the odds it was definitely one for the ages! We began the day with an inspirational “Hockey Heals” skate, then off to Ball Arena to take in the morning skate, from there it was meet/greet with the St Louis Blues, and finally topped things off with suite life for the Avs victory! Along the way we hung with a couple of…

Jonny O Gets it Done

October 28, 2023
Say we won’t and we will!!! Opening morning bull down!!! We got it done.

COOP!!! Boys Night at Magness!

October 27, 2023
Boys night out at the “good ole hockey game”! It’s been way too long since I hung out with the one and only Coop and it was certainly worth the wait! Rinkskde seats, exciting game, lots of visitors and topped off with an official puck off the Magness ice! The Pios didn’t get the win but what a night with my boys!  
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