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It’s a Great Day for Junior Hockey!

July 30, 2018
Ssssoooo, Apologies for skipping a month, I know you all were holding your collective breath,  waiting for my wisdom, witty wit, wondrous words, aaaand alliteration! Anxiety has reared it’s ugly head in the life of Gags, and it’s difficult to get the comfort necessary to spellbind you guys like you deserve and yearn for. However, one thing remains true, I continue to make ALS look amazi…

DAWG Bowl VIII Recap

July 28, 2018
A most memorable and successful event! When all was said and done, DAWG Bowl VIII was the most memorable and successful event in our storied history. Setting records on all fronts the weekend was once again filled with hugs, smiles, cheers, and of course, tears! This year’s event was showcased with the inclusion of a Humboldt Bronco theme as the hockey world continues to heal from tragi…

DAWG Bowl Dad | Thompson Smith

June 23, 2018
BZZZZZ… BZZZZ… As I groggily looked over at my phone on the nightstand, I saw the faint glow of a call coming in. Being thousands of miles away from home, playing junior hockey in British Columbia, it was always a warm and welcomed sight to see “call from home” on my phone. Answering in excitement, I was not ready for the response that I would receive. On the other end of the phone, my u…

Ellen McGrath Women’s Division

June 21, 2018
The women’s division of the 2018 DAWG Bowl is named the “Ellen McGrath Women’s Division” in memory of Ellen. Ellen was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma in 2016 and battled hard, with her passionate love for her family giving her strength and hope along the way. She passed away on Christmas eve of last year surrounded by her loving family. Ellen is survived by her two beautiful children Katie …

To Ryan Straschnitzki

June 15, 2018
A note to Ryan Straschnitzki, Humboldt survivor, from Josh Hargis, Afghanistan combat veteran and Team USA sled hockey player: Hey Ryan. Josh Hargis. I play for the Colorado Avalanche sled teams and I’m a forward on the US National Development team. Just wanted to say “Hey” and hope you’re doing well. I was really sorry to hear about you and your teammates-it tore up the entire hockey commun…

ALS: Awesome Like Sean!

May 31, 2018
Have You Ever Thought About the Muscles that Control Your Eye Blinking? I have. It’s one of the minor things that those with ALS consider. I ponder this muscle because I feel it getting more difficult to keep my eyes closed at night. You would not believe the crazy adventures this disease advocates. In this blog, I’m going to do my best to take you on a tour of ALS, and the lesser known effe…

Fear is Stress Wrapped in Ugly

April 24, 2018
The Importance of Mentality There are a few specific questions I get when someone seeks my opinion on health. Of these, there is one matter I hold sacred above all else. For that reason, my first blog (that I knew would be a blog,) will be about the item I believe crucial to a healthy existence. For the better part of my life, all of it really, I have been equal parts stress, and thin…

The Goal With Gags

March 25, 2018
There are no rinks in the country that are set up to accommodate to the needs of the disabled. In this day and age, how ridiculous does that sound? This project will be a beacon showing the way forward. It will set a standard for the world to follow. The opportunity to be involved in this endeavor is something that should ignite passion. It shows that we are willing to put the needs of the less…
Josh Blue DAWG Nation 2018

Josh Blue Stands Up for the DAWGs

March 23, 2018
Passionate Video – Amazing Hero’s – Heartbreaking Recipient – And a Generous Ask It was a standing room only crowd at Comedy Works on 3/21/18 as they once again hosted us for a night of laughs, tears, cheers… and more than a few beers! We had lots of generous souls in the house, making it our most successful Stand-Up event ever. A big shout out first and foremost to our celebrity comedians…

Christie Fighting as Hard as Ever

March 5, 2018
Mike Christie was a defenseman who played over 400 games in the National Hockey league. Christie’s scouting report on himself: “A physical player…a grinder who fought a fair amount. A blue collar player who would stand up for his teammates.” Mike Christie sounds like the kind of guy we’d all want in our corner. Today, at 68, Christie has the memories to look back on, bu…
Grand Lake pond hockey

DNHF Pond Hockey III at Copper Mountain

February 16, 2018
For the third year in a row DAWG Nation held a pond hockey fundraiser. The attached link contains pictures taken by our very own Kelli Packard. Pond Hockey III Photos We hope you enjoy the pictures and feel free to download any you want.
PvsP 2018 1273

Pups vs Pros

February 16, 2018
DAWG Nation has a fantastic tradition of having young adults play on a team against NHL or ex-NHL players. The event is one of my favorite and creates many lasting memories for all. Use the attached link to get access to pictures taken by our very own Kelli Packard. You can download any that you want. Pups Vs Pros Photos Enjoy! Any comments are appreciated!
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