Hockey Truly Does Heal


Four years ago Dave Carr’s life forever changed as he headed home on a sunny Friday afternoon. Dave was all smiles and looking forward to an evening with Barb, his beautiful bride to be. But that all changed in a blink of an eye when a car crossed into Dave’s lane hitting him head on, leading to an unlikely chain of events that has resulted in one of my most cherished friendships. 

Dave was broken from head to toe and was not sure if his time on earth was over. Trapped in his car with his breathing restricted, Dave began to pray for a miracle. That is when the unthinkable happened. Literally out of nowhere, the strongest man in world, Brian Shaw, appeared. Brian immediately saw the severity of the situation and literally tore the door off the mangled vehicle, essentially saving Dave’s life. 

The first responders arrived shortly thereafter and Dave was airlifted to the hospital to begin a long and painful journey back to health. Barb was with Dave every step of the way as his broken body began to heal. Along the way there were setbacks, milestones, frustration, elation and mostly love. 

It was a few weeks after that when my life was blessed by having Dave enter it. Many long and deep and spiritual conversations have followed and about a year later the groundwork was set for our weekly Hockey Heals skates. 

Since then, Dave has taken the lead in organizing the program and continues to change lives daily. Dave consistently puts others ahead of himself and never misses the opportunity to lift those in need. 

Here’s to you Dave, here’s to making the most of second chances and here’s to Hockey Heals!! 

God bless you buddy!

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