Losing my Virginity


It was quite a night as 24 ladies took my virginity! After the deed was done, I thanked them all and said, “I’ll always remember my first!”

For the first time in my life, I refereed a hockey game! It was already going to be a special night, but what made it even more memorable was the purpose. This wasn’t just your everyday game as Nadine Penn and an amazing group of women hosted a skate at APEX to help the Emmitt family that recently lost their husband/father.

This all started as a bit of gag gift from my good friend Craig Graham. Craig is long time referee and even in the Colorado referee HOF! Craig recently moved out of state and gave me a parting gift of a referee jersey. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever wear it, but now I kind of have the bug!

In the end I called a couple offsides, whistled an icing or two, got in the way, but never got yelled at! I’ll call that a win!

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