Quincy – As Tough as They Get 


Perhaps the very best part of my life’s journey is being welcomed into the hearts and homes of so many amazing families. One of those is the Rohrbach’s who have been dealt a very difficult hand, but that hasn’t kept them from making the very most of every moment.

I met Quincy Rohrbach nearly two years ago, shortly after this little dynamo had been diagnosed with bone cancer. Since then Quincy and her family has truly made the very best of a challenging situation by creating many memorable moments, some of which I have been honored to be part of. 

Quincy hasn’t tossed in the towel, but the odds are certainly stacked against her as this horrible disease continues to spread throughout her body. Despite the the declining odds, Quincy always greets me with her beautiful smile and a sparkle in her eyes. Last night we talked about life, experiences, favorite things, and family. 

Here’s to you Quincy, you are certainly one of a kind!

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