Now that’s what I call a “no coincidence”


Todd Clifford is a 30 year veteran of the Lakewood Police Department and has dedicated his life to helping others. A recent trip to the ER for an appendectomy turned into an absolute nightmare for the Clifford family when Todd was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 

The difficult news rocked the family to the core and put Todd on the Dawg Nation radar screen. As fate would have it, I met Todd last week in “no coincidence” chance meeting and Todd responded, “I believe there are no coincidences”. 

Well today that went to an entirely new level. After spending the afternoon with Bedsey, which included Jared personalizing a picture for Todd, I headed to Old Foothills Ice Arena to meet Todd at a benefit skate. The skate was organized by fellow officer, Jeffrey Hodgdon, who also nominated Todd to DN. When I walked up to Todd I instantly noticed that he was wearing #8! If you know me, you know how special that number is to me and to Dawg Nation. Then it got even better. I noticed a #21 on Todd’s shoulder. I asked him about that one and it turns out that’s the number of the Fraternal Order of Police chapter that Todd is a member of. If you know me, you probably know that #21 is number that Jack Kelly wore and is the only number retired by Dawg Nation! 

As I shared the coincidental numbers with Todd he just smiled and he said, “I told you there are no coincidences”!

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