Dan O’Rourke


I first connected with NHL referee Dan O’Rourke a couple of years ago when he reached out to me about blind hockey. His father and mentor (Tom O’Rourke) was losing his sight and the long time official wanted to learn more about the opportunities for the visually impaired hockey player. That initial phone call has resulted in an unlikely friendship that has included coffees, hockey conversations and even NHL locker room visits. 

Last Monday I popped on the TV for game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals and there was my pal at the pinnacle of a NHL official’s dream, refereeing game seven of the SCF! I sent Dan a congratulatory text at the end of the game and he responded that he’d be coming through Denver on his way to see his parents in Red Deer, Alberta.

I met up with Dan today and he surprised me with an incredible gift, his NHL sweater from the 2024 Stanley Cup Finals! It’s an amazing gift, but we both agreed that it would more than appropriate to include in a future Dawg Nation auction with proceeds going to the growth of blind hockey! 

Let’s continue show the world that hockey truly is for everyone!

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