Ronnie Emmitt


Ronnie Emmitt was a very intense person in everything he did. He played hockey intensely, he hurt intensely and most of all he loved his family intensely. Through the many difficult things Ronnie has gone through he always wanted one thing. That one thing was a family. He loved his mother, father and sister very much as a child. As an adult he was a very dedicated husband, father and stepfather. There was never one hockey game that went by where he wasn’t talking about his family. Ronnie was the type of person that would always help a friend in need, never judge you and help you through the hard times in your life. Ronnie was passionate about hockey not only playing it but coaching it and getting his wife and children involved in it.

In December, the Emmitt family lost their husband and father, Ronnie, and in May the DWHL (Denver Women’s Hockey League) joined forces with DAWG Nation. With ice donated by APEX the hockey community came together for a very special night that honoring and supporting a the Emmitt family.

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