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Mila Ekstrom



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Scrappy Dawgs Form to Help a Brave Little Soul

As a hockey community, we band together to support those in need. The “Scrappy Dawgs”, 12U skaters have initiated a heartwarming effort to raise funds for the younger sister of a teammate, Mila Ekstrom, who is facing a brave battle against cancer at just 5 years old. Her resilience and unwavering smile have inspired us all. It’s a tremendous challenge for anyone, let alone a 5-year-old, to comprehend and endure such a tough battle. The unity and compassion shown in raising funds for Mila serve as a powerful reminder of the impact of collective support. Scrappy Dawgs, has organized a team for the 9280 Pond Hockey event, where 16 12U skaters will come together to raise funds for Mila, who will be celebrating her 5th birthday at the start of the tournament. Let’s unite in helping Mila by contributing to ease her battle. Every contribution counts.  

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Click the button to contribute directly through Paypal.



Your donation will help the Family of Mila Ekstrom, who DAWG Nation has selected as a grant recipient from its charitable class. Your contribution is made with the understanding that DAWG Nation has complete control and administration over the use of all donated funds in pursuit of its charitable purposes and in support of its charitable class.

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