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Paula Ramsbottom



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Please Help a Hockey Mom, Paula Vs. the “C word”

Paula is a wife, mother and hockey mom! Recently, Paula had been feeling under the weather and what was originally thought to be pneumonia was actually stage 4 metastatic cervical cancer that had spread to her in her lungs.

As a mother of two, Paula is taking on the fight with all her might with her beloved husband, Rich, by her side every step of the way. Treatments are already underway but unfortunately extremely costly. Paula is determined and optimistic for her two boys and her family and could use your help.

Please consider helping the Ramsbottom family by providing financial support so Paula can focus on the most important piece, coming out on top and returning to normalcy.

Paula’s husband, Rich, shares a piece of a long arduous story:

“In February 2024 she was diagnosed with stage 4B cervical cancer at 35 years old. The cancer is now in her lungs. She started treatment right away with 2 different types of chemotherapy and 2 different types of immunotherapy at once.

We are doing everything we can to help her with her treatments and unfortunately some of them are extremely costly. She is staying very strong minded and optimistic for her two boys and her family, but we would like to be able to be extremely aggressive in her care for the intent of her being with us for a long time.

Thank you immensely for your help for our family. We are forever grateful ❤️

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Click the button to contribute directly through Paypal.


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