Shawn Leonard


Shawn grew up playing hockey in Littleton, but suffered a heart attack over a decade ago which briefly ended his hockey career.  Through aggressive therapy and training, he was able to return to good health and was back on the ice, where he is well known as being the “heart and soul” of his teams. Off the ice he is a great friend to everyone and in return enjoys the friendship of many. Shawn exemplifies The Dawg Nation motto of play hard, play fair, be modest in victory, be gracious in defeat  – but, he would add one more phrase: win or lose we drink beer! Unfortunately, his health took a turn for the worse in January of 2024, and he was hospitalized for several weeks with renewed heart issues.  While he was away from home, below zero ambient air temperatures in mid-January led to a water pipe burst in his basement, causing damage to his home. Now facing not only medical costs, but also costs associated with a major removal/remediation of his home. Shawn works as a realtor and his medical issues will put on hold his ability to earn income for a long period of time.  At the 2024 “Stand Up for DAWG Nation” event, Shawn was honored as our very deserving recipient.
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