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New Mexico: Moose Cup Invitational

 Helping organize a brand new tourney/fundraiser is a challenge, but doing it 450 miles away throws in a few more monkey wrenches. Big thanks to an incredible crew led by Greg Bronson, the event was organized, on time, professional, and wildly successful! In the end the Flint family, who lost their husband/father in April to a sudden heart attack, are picking up the pieces and adjusting to the new normal. The crescendo of the event was the presentation of a check for $66,500, which grew to $68,000 by night’s end! My pals Super Joe, Bedsey and Mike Case sweetened the deal with an invite to the family for an Avs game and Marriott stay for this upcoming season! It was so wonderful to see Trevor Flint’s heartbroken boys having a really good day, because in the end, that’s what it’s all about!

Trevor Flint

Trevor Flint, a leader in the New Mexico hockey community and a retired military colonel, unexpectedly passed away on April 24, 2023, after experiencing a heart attack and a weeks long stay in the ICU, on life support before donating his organs. How Trevor died is not as important as how he lived. He was a man for others, always and without reservation!

As a hockey community, let’s show Trevor’s wife, Deanna and his two sons, Davis (15) and Will (12), both avid hockey players, just how much Trevor meant to us!

Trevor committed himself to growing the game of hockey in New Mexico when he retired from the Air Force after a 27 year career. He was the chief operating officer and general manager at the Outpost Ice Arena in Albuquerque for a few years after his retirement. You were as likely to see him driving the zamboni, as you were to see him picking up trash. All done with a smile and a kind word. No job was beneath him, he cared about every detail in our hockey community. 

Trevor was the first person to volunteer to support our hockey families with his time and talents. He supported youth hockey, the men’s league, and the NAHL team. He was known to the kids as “The Colonel.” He taught respect and excellence, with a hefty dose of fun! Trevor used his military connections and love of hockey to organize a tour for our U12 team of the Air Force Academy hockey locker room during a Colorado tournament this past winter. Trevor sought out opportunities for our youth hockey players to find good role models in the sport of hockey. To the hockey moms, he was known as “DJ 4 eyes.” He made the best playlists for our kids’ games. He always included throwback songs for the parents and pop songs for the younger siblings in the stands. Hockey was a family sport for Trevor and as important as the players were to him, the entire community was as well. We all benefited from his love and support.

Trevor wanted our youth hockey players to not only be good at the sport, but good people as well. At Trevor’s funeral, our U12 hockey team all wore Mississippi State hats (his alma mater) embroidered with the phrase, “Lead like Flint.” That emptomizes who Trevor was to our community. His legacy touched many and will continue to do so. With each piece of trash our players pick up and every smile and kind word they offer as encouragement, our children will be honoring the memory of a great man. 

As a community, let’s come together to show our love and support to Deanna and the boys. Whether that’s financial or emotional, let’s bless them as Trevor blessed all of us. Our  hockey community is better because Trevor Flint was a part of it!

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