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The Small World of Hockey

July 27, 2023
Fun little “no coincidences” to start the day. As I posted yesterday we had a really memorable “Hockey Heals” skate that featured the emotional return to the ice for Kyle Lindholm. As fate would have it, Kyle is related to Annette Maestas, a childhood neighbor and classmate of mine!! In the photo below you’ll see both me and Annette in our third grade class at Kyffin Elementary. We’…

Jamie and Brandon

May 30, 2023
With my pal Brandon Adam preparing for his first ever game with USA National Sled Hockey team I felt this was an appropriate time to share yet another no coincidences story. To set this one up I need to first tell you about Jamie Ketchum. Jamie is truly a miracle, burned over 95% of her body she actually broke the records set by Dave Repsher with longest stay ever in the UC Health burn c…

Unknown Childhood Friends

May 25, 2023
I met Thompson “Tommy” Smith in 2015 when I was told about an amazing guy that had founded this thriving hockey group called the Mallards. I then found out that this same fella had built Argus Event Staffing from the ground up, married a Bronco cheerleader, had a beautiful home and two great kids. And I also learned that this beloved man was battling an autoimmune disease that was threatening…

Lady Dawgs in Florida

May 9, 2023
A big thank you to Becky Gartman for the awesome gift on Monday night. Becky captained our first ever women’s team at the “USA Hockey National Championships” in Tampa and came home with this awesome photo plaque of the inaugural squad! And in a “no coincidences” moment, our Lady Dawgs team took on the Lucky Pucks from Florida. The captain of the Lucky Pucks happened to be none other than…

A New Friendship

May 9, 2023
It was a day of “no coincidences” at UCHeatlh as the stars aligned once again. Patrick continues progressing ahead of schedule and was at the hospital for a biopsy on his new heart when he heard the name “Sebastian Hitvig” called out. Patrick’s ears perked up and he made sure he connected with this “Sebastian” before he left. You see, this same Sebastian reached out to me just one day earlier…

The Long Awaited Call

April 24, 2023
Today is about Patrick “P-Daddy” Donnelly. This amazing young man was placed into my life about a year ago and has been my right hand man ever since. Patrick was 21 when he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure that nearly ended his life and required the insertion of a LVAD pump to allow his heart to continue beating. The LVAD was only a temporary fix as my friend has been awaiting a hear…

The Quilt

February 14, 2023
Prior to my epic birthday trip to Saskatchewan, I reached out to Dave Chamberlin to join me and Cindy on our journey to the north. We felt compelled as Dave had lost the love of his life, Karen, to pancreatic cancer just one month before. We knew Dave was hurting and felt it would be good to surround our friend with love. As we wrapped up our memorable two days in Saskatchewan we were jo…

No Coincidences at Craig

November 30, 2022
No coincidences were in abundance today when I joined Les Borsheim at Craig Hospital as we visited two tremendous young men. Les, a bruising winger with the Colorado Eagles, was paralyzed in 2008 and spent three months at Craig himself. Today Les took on the role of counselor and friend as he shared his experiences with Ethan and Ashton as they both adjust to a new and unfamiliar life. E…

A Day at the Mechanic

September 25, 2022
Rob Hamblin was a humble and private man. He was also a talented musician, gifted hockey player, and a friend to many. Two years ago Rob was diagnosed with brain cancer and fought hard and valiantly, finally saying goodbye on September 4th. Although I didn’t know Rob well he still chose Dawg Nation to honor in his name, this is something that always humbles me to the core. Now the “no coincid…

A surprise “no coincidences” moment

September 3, 2022
Patrick and I were on our way to Park Range Ranch for a powerful weekend of fly fishing with some of the Paralympic athletes. On the way up we decided to make a quick pit stop to quench our thirst. We pulled into a place called the Stockman Bar in Walden and settled in a booth. When the waitress (Jenny) came over she took our order and asked what brought us in. I shared that my brother was ho…

“Gateway to the West” trip

August 30, 2022
Much of our growth has been a product of connecting with NHLers (past and present) that provide us with instant credibility and notoriety. As we build our St Louis brand it’s important to for us to also connect with leaders in the St Louis hockey community. One of those leaders is Pat Maroon, a three time Stanley Cup champion and a St Louis native. Yesterday afternoon I was in a …

The Number 34

August 28, 2022
It was quite a day in Belleville, Illinois as the St Louis Dawgs hosted an amazing Cornhole event and lifted up yet another family! 10 year old Mason Venegoni is young goalie that recently underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. The surgery was a difficult but successful one and this little goaltender is now on the road to recovery! Now the “no coincidences” part! Former St Louis…
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