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Fun little “no coincidences” to start the day. As I posted yesterday we had a really memorable “Hockey Heals” skate that featured the emotional return to the ice for Kyle Lindholm. As fate would have it, Kyle is related to Annette Maestas, a childhood neighbor and classmate of mine!! In the photo below you’ll see both me and Annette in our third grade class at Kyffin Elementary. We’re both in the front row and I’m guessing we’ll be pretty easy to pick out!!
I haven’t seen or talked to Annette in over 40 years, so it was pretty darn cool when Kyle’s mother (Nancy) shared that Annette was her cousin!
Now a fun little story about Annette and I from that same year. During that time period there was a TV show called “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father”, and it was one of my favorites because the child actor that played Eddie was roughly my age and we even looked similar. Anyway, there was an episode that aired in 1971 where Eddie was chosen for the lead role as Prince Charming in the school play. All good until the script required that he kiss the princess in front of the whole school! He was teased by his buddies and I thought how embarrassing would that be! Well guess what, a year later I was chosen for the lead role as the prince in our school play and Annette was chosen as the princess!!! All good until I read the script that that ended with us getting married in front of the whole school! Originally the plan was for us to kiss but our teacher mercifully took out the kissing scene, my guess is she was a “Courtship of Eddie’s Father” fan too!!
So in the end, I guess I’m kind of related to Kyle too!! How about that?!!!
Annette, can’t wait to reunite and share our respective life journeys!!


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