The Quilt


Prior to my epic birthday trip to Saskatchewan, I reached out to Dave Chamberlin to join me and Cindy on our journey to the north. We felt compelled as Dave had lost the love of his life, Karen, to pancreatic cancer just one month before. We knew Dave was hurting and felt it would be good to surround our friend with love.
As we wrapped up our memorable two days in Saskatchewan we were joined for breakfast with our dear friends. Kurt and Celeste Leicht. Celeste shared the story of the Humboldt quilts and mentioned she felt an unexplainable urge to give one to Dave. But this wasn’t just an ordinary quilt, it was one with a hockey Dawg on it. As Celeste handed the quilt to Dave he beamed with pride and fought back tears.
But here’s the really crazy part. As a emotional Dave showed the quilt to Cindy she instantly started tearing up. Cindy looked at me and said, “you’re not going to believe this”. As he she handed the quilt to me my eyes were instantly drawn to the name of the person who made the quilt, which read “Kathleen Kelly”.
Most of you know that Dawg Nation began when I lost my dear friend, Jack Kelly. What you may not know is the love of Jack’s life is none other than his own “Kathleen Kelly.”
Here’s to those signs that are all around us, and to here’s to realizing we are all connected in ways that we don’t even know.
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