A Day at the Mechanic


Rob Hamblin was a humble and private man. He was also a talented musician, gifted hockey player, and a friend to many. Two years ago Rob was diagnosed with brain cancer and fought hard and valiantly, finally saying goodbye on September 4th. Although I didn’t know Rob well he still chose Dawg Nation to honor in his name, this is something that always humbles me to the core. Now the “no coincidences” part. As most of you know we recently received an incredible donation of a Ford Transport van. The van was in perfect condition except for the power locks and power windows on the drivers side. We of course took it to Dan Turner’s Midas shop in Littleton, and Dan put his ace, Bryan, on the job. As I chatted with Bryan he was floored when he realized I knew Rob, and I was even more floored when Bryan shared that Rob was his cousin! And were both blown away when Bryan told me the car in the very next bay was actually Rob’s! What?! Rob touched many lives in his lifetime and leaves behind a lasting legacy, something we all strive for. Here’s to Rob, and here’s to a life well lived.
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