A New Friendship


It was a day of “no coincidences” at UCHeatlh as the stars aligned once again. Patrick continues progressing ahead of schedule and was at the hospital for a biopsy on his new heart when he heard the name “Sebastian Hitvig” called out. Patrick’s ears perked up and he made sure he connected with this “Sebastian” before he left. You see, this same Sebastian reached out to me just one day earlier sharing his amazing story that began by stepping on a toothpick and ended with a heart transplant! It turns out that Sebastian is a lifelong hockey fanatic and has been itching to get back on the ice. I was able to share the Dawg Nation story and the fact that this year’s Survivor game has an organ donation theme. After hanging up I called Patrick and told him all about Sebastian’s story and his desire to be part of Survivor Game and also Hockey Heals. Patrick was excited to meet him but certainly didn’t anticipate sitting in the same waiting room less than 12 hours later!!
The 2023 Survivor Game is a couple of months away and as of right now we are expecting not one, not two, not three, not four, but five heart transplants participating in what will likely be our most emotional game ever!
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