A surprise “no coincidences” moment


Patrick and I were on our way to Park Range Ranch for a powerful weekend of fly fishing with some of the Paralympic athletes. On the way up we decided to make a quick pit stop to quench our thirst. We pulled into a place called the Stockman Bar in Walden and settled in a booth. When the waitress (Jenny) came over she took our order and asked what brought us in. I shared that my brother was hosting fundraiser fishing trip. Jenny, being friendly and courteous, asked “who is your brother?”. When I told her Nigel Richardson, she responded, “wow we love your brother!” Overhearing us, two fellas at the bar, Brig and another Patrick, whipped around in amazement. They then came over and shared that they were literally talking about me and my brother at that very moment. Mind you, I had personally never met either!! We shared some stories and laughs and when I went to pay our tab the bar refused our money and said it was “on the house”! What a way to kick off a special weekend!!
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