The Long Awaited Call


Today is about Patrick “P-Daddy” Donnelly. This amazing young man was placed into my life about a year ago and has been my right hand man ever since. Patrick was 21 when he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure that nearly ended his life and required the insertion of a LVAD pump to allow his heart to continue beating. The LVAD was only a temporary fix as my friend has been awaiting a heart transplant for 3 1/2 years. Well the wait is over!!!! Patrick is in surgery right now getting a new heart!! The procedure began at 4:45 am and is expected to last six hours. I spoke to Patrick late last night and he was excited, nervous, thrilled, scared and emotional…and so was I. This week has been filled with so much love and honestly overwhelming on so many levels. It only seems beyond appropriate that the week would include our Patrick receiving a heart on Good Friday. I ask you all for your thoughts, prayers and positive vibes for this incredible young man. God Bless you all, hockey really does heal!

Patrick is out of surgery and in recovery!! The surgery went very well and the world class medical team proclaimed, “Patrick has a beautiful heart!”
Of course today is full of “no coincidences”. First off, April is “Organ Donor Month”. Secondly, today just happens to be “Good Friday”, and to top things off it’s “Green Shirt Day” in Canada! “Green Shirt Day” began after the passing of Logan Boulet in the tragic Humboldt Broncos bus crash. Logan was an organ donor and his unselfish act of being a donor saved the lives of many, predicating this special day in his honor and jump started a movement called the “Boulet Effect”.
When I shared the news of Patrick’s new heart to Toby Boulet (Logan’s father), we were both floored by the continued undeniable connections between the Humboldt Broncos and Dawg Nation. Here is Toby’s beautiful response:
“Marty! There is no coincidence that Patrick found hope from an Angel Donor and received life today on April 7th.
No doubt his Angel Donor passed on April 6th and the Bronco Family took care and delivered the precious heart to Patrick and April 7th.”
Truly no coincidences! ❤️
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