Cheers from the Czech Republic! To keep our streak going, Milan had our usual Corona’s iced and ready to go before we switched up to the traditional Czech Pilsner! After quenching our thirst, Zlata wowed us with goulash and dumplings to kick us off on the right foot!

It was a spectacular day in Bohemia as we were treated to a personal tour of Ústí nad Labem and the surrounding areas by a couple of locals! Milan and Zlata once again went way beyond the call of duty and blew us away with a stunning hike, a delicious a schnitzel at a local restaurant, a tour of a 700 year old castle, a enjoyable conversation about life, and then wrapped up the amazing day enjoying a backyard BBQ while sipping some yummy local wines! Cindy and I certainly know how incredibly fortunate we are and are also beyond grateful for our dear friends and the opportunity to truly live life to it’s fullest!
Na zdraví!!!
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