Axl Needs Your Prayers


Axl Quincey fights cancer

Kyle Quincey’s son fights on!

Hello DAWG Nation. We are once again asking for your thoughts and prayers. Longtime NHLer Kyle “Q-DAWG” Quincey is a fixture at DAWG Nation events and is always willing to lend a hand in supporting the hockey community. Now it’s time to return the favor as the Quincey’s need your support more than ever. Kyle and Rachel are a terrific couple that have been blessed with two beautiful boys, Stone and Axl. In March these young parents received news that no parent ever wants to hear as their thirteen month old Axl was diagnosed with brain cancer. Little Axl has put on a very brave face as brain surgery followed by a regiment of chemotherapy has been pretty rough on everyone in the Quincey household. An amazing extended family and strong support system has kept everything on track, but the family can definitely use your thoughts, prayers and words of encouragement. Please join all of us at DAWG Nation in our support of Axl and the Quincey’s. You’ve got this Axl!!!

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