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Cappy’s Number Gets Retired!

August 21, 2023
Pretty darn lucky to have folks around me that do really nice things “just because”. Stuart Clark leads a great group of guys that goes by the moniker “Make Hockey Great Again” (MHGA). On Friday night, Stuart and his gang surprised me by presenting me with my very own MHGA 8 jersey and then proceeded to retire my number on a team I’ve never played on!! And then today a package arrives from Ma…

You Got This, Danny!

August 20, 2023
I was incredibly fortunate when a free spirited 17 year old with blue hair entered our Dawgs locker room back in 2004. Danny was instantly an incredible teammate and an even better friend. Always stepping up when someone needed a lift. Well in 2009 it was our turn to have Danny’s back as he faced an uncertain future after being diagnosed with cancer. That difficult news created our first ever “…

Moose Hospitality!

August 13, 2023
Getting ready to take the trek back to the 303 and reflecting on busy but amazing day and half in Albuquerque. Helping organize a brand new tourney/fundraiser is a challenge, but doing it 450 miles away throws in a few more monkey wrenches. But thanks to an incredible crew led by Greg Bronson, the event was organized, on time, professional, and wildly successful! In the end the Flint family, …

Special Stop to See Sarah!

August 11, 2023
Kicking off another busy weekend with an important visit to an incredible gal who I affectionately call, my “beacon of light”. Sarah Karr is truly in the battle for her life as the “C” word has gotten the upper hand lately. It’s been a very difficult week for Sarah and Melissa and I knew they could use a little boost. It’s going a packed weekend for me as I’ll be spending it in Albuquerque help…

Hockey Really Does Heal

August 5, 2023
The first time I met Nathan Abelein he needed a walker and constant oxygen just to travel short distances. During the darkest days his Merrelyn had been summoned not once, not twice , but three times to the hospital to say “goodbye” as the doctors didn’t think Nathan would make it through the night. Well he did make it but was discouraged that he may never play the game that he loves with all…

What a Wonderful Wednesday!

August 3, 2023
What a way to spend Wednesday! Up early to enjoy the Hockey Heals ice with smiling faces and amazing stories of triumph. And after a full day in the office it was behind the wheel for a 250 mile round trip to Eagle to partake in a fundraiser for a beautiful soul named Hanna! Hanna has had a lot of roadblocks thrown her way but still greets every day with a smile and positive attitude. Pretty gr…

Love for the Lindholm’s

July 26, 2023
It was quite morning as I shared the ice with the amazing Hockey Heals crew and the remarkable Kyle Lindholm. Kyle is a tremendous hockey player that’s life took quite a turn this past spring when a golf ball sized brain tumor ended his collegiate season and resulted in emergency brain surgery. Things were touch and go for a while but today he was back on the ice and looking like he hasn’t mi…

Porter Hits the Ice!

July 19, 2023
Five years ago little Porter Johnson woke up every day facing leukemia straight in the eye. For a three year old he knew way too much about chemo, cancer, medicine, treatments, hospitals and pain. But Porter also knew about hope, family, great doctors, friendship, support and love. Despite the challenges, Porter always greeted me with a big smile and a big hug. It was touch and go at times, but…

Keep Fighting, Quincy!

July 17, 2023
I was out and about today when I received a text from the toughest young lady I know! The note shared that Quincy is headed into a difficult surgery tomorrow to remove cancerous tumors in her lungs. She is a huge fan of Jack Hughes (NJ Devils) and I just happened to have a “Hockey Fights Cancer” Devils hat in my car. So naturally I headed over to see this amazing kid. Quincy is in the fi…

Donor Dash 2023: Dawg Edition

July 16, 2023
The endless weekend continues! Celebrating my brother’s bday by getting up early for the 2023 Donor Dash!! Making it even more amazing was the fact that four Dawgs with heart transplants joined us in this powerful celebration of life!!  

Dawg Day at the Track

July 15, 2023
No coincidences! Thanks to the connections of Greg Hunter, Mike Salinas, a top fuel dragster racer, generously donated a day with a driver as Mike looks to qualify for the finals at the “Mile High Nationals” that happen tomorrow. Once again lots of “no coincidences” as Mike offered to put a DAWG Nation logo on his car! He then let me know that his favorite aunt was diagnosed with cancer …

Supportive Saturday!

July 8, 2023
What a special way to spend a Saturday! Kicking things off by surprising my little buddy with his first pair of hockey skates and then wrapping things up by helping raise a bunch of dough for an incredible young lady! Porter is crushing it after putting cancer in the rear view mirror and Quincy is doing everything she can to do the same!! I pinch myself every day as I wonder why I a…
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