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Tony Salazar 5-11

Imperative Medication

At the age of 17 Tony Salazar suffered a knee on knee hit in the CHSAA state playoff game. The hit triggered a series of events that have forever changed his life. Blood clots landed Tony in the hospital for and extended period and several months after that initial injury Tony was given the clearance to resume playing hockey. In his first game with Metro State University in January, 2017, due to continuing blood clots, Tony suffered multiple heart attacks throughout the game. The final attack left Tony with permanent damage to his heart and lifelong regiment of prescription drugs.

Struggling with the Cost

Now a college student, Tony struggles with the cost of his prescription medication. This medication is imperative to Tony’s health and is literally life threatening if not taken. Please consider helping Tony a with a donation today.

Let’s rally to make sure this young man overcomes these obstacles with OUR help.

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