Van Stone Retakes the Ice


Former College Hockey Player Battling TBI

Two and a half years ago Van Stone had an accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury that left this former college hockey fighting for his life as his family tearfully prayed for his recovery. It’s been a long road to recovery and life has not been easy for this husband and father. With the simplest of tasks sometimes daunting, playing the game he loves seemed out of reach……until today!

Surrounded by Fellow Survivors

Surrounded by a rink full of survivors, Van took the ice today for the first time since the accident. There were cheers, there were tears, and there were smiles on everyone’s face. Overwhelmed, Van simply said “thank you” as a tear rolled down his cheek. We are so grateful for incredible moments like these. Moments that are only possible with the support of so many. Thank you to everyone that supports our cause, we simply can’t do it without you!

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