Hockey is for everyone!


Lots of memories from  , but perhaps my fondest was putting myself the shoes, or should I say skates, of some amazing young men.

As part of this year’s Dawg Bowl we held a blind hockey game for the first time! The game included visually impaired players from across the country taking on a group of Dawg Nation players wearing glasses to emulate various forms of blindness. I wore glasses that mimicked glaucoma… was awesome and terrifying at the same time!

I shared with Adam Young, an incredible young man that is vying for a spot on the US National Blind Squad, “this is really scary, I can’t see a thing!” Adam responsed with a chuckle, “Cappy, welcome to my world!”

Other than using a large metal puck with a rattle inside, this was just another hockey game with great friends! Afterwards I incredibly learned that the game was believed to be the first ever blind hockey game played west of the Mississippi!! How about that?!!!!

So proud to be a part of group that truly breaks down barriers and isn’t afraid to show the world that everyone is welcome! Thank you Josh Schneider, Adam Young and Drew Garza, you are remarkable human beings that I am extremely proud to call my friends!!

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