City of Brotherly Love


Putting a wrap on an emotional and action-packed four days in Philly! Despite a couple of weather related snafus, the trip exceeded all expectations! Cheesesteaks, Tasty Cakes, Yuenglings, American history, soft pretzels, Sly Stallone, Flyers/Avs, an OC hat trick, Valley Forge and lots of lifetime memories! Our family will be eternally grateful to the Hartley family and the unselfish decision that Sean made to allow my brother (Nigel) to honor Sean’s life with every beat of his/Sean’s heart. The Hartley’s certainly didn’t have to do it, but the absolute icing on the cake is being blessed with an entire new family that has welcomed our Colorado crew with open arms. Here’s to second chances and here’s to families you didn’t even know you had!

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