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Evan Hanlon

June 2, 2016
Evan’s medical bills are astronomical. Evan Hanlon is a Colorado Native who started playing roller hockey around the age of 8. When Evan turned 18, he joined a team in Blackhawk and quickly became one of the highest scoring and most valuable players on the roster. Fast forward a few years and Evan is now bartending for his old Blackhawk team captain, Garrett Ladd, at ‘Bout Time Pub …

Butch Mousseau

May 19, 2016
A tragic fall. The beloved Butch “Butchy” Mousseau, a long time referee and important member of the Colorado hockey community left us on Friday, March 25th.  Butchy fell awkwardly during the warm-ups of the WCHA semifinal match-up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the fall resulted in a severe head injury and led to the passing of this kind and gentle soul. USCHO ARTICLE Giving B…

Torin Perret

April 16, 2016
Torin needs help with uncovered medical expenses. Torin and his  family have been very active in the hockey community for a long time. Torin has played hockey for years in YMCA leagues as well as in the High Plains Hockey League at his high school. And most recently has been playing in an adult hockey league in Fort Collins while attending CSU. His dad is a hockey coach, and his sis…

Special Honor for a Special DAWG

April 5, 2016
Many of you aren’t aware that I was born in England and immigrated to North America at a young age. As a youngster I was not a citizen of the United States, but I always felt like an “American.” Once I reached legal age it was very important to me to take the steps to become a citizen and in the years since so have my mother, father and brother. To our family, becoming Americans wasn’t a birthr…

Get Better Butchy

March 22, 2016
My First Post. (Al Sterner’s Note: I wrote this article on 3/22, three days before my friend Butchy Mousseau passed away. It was full of hope, and I’m just gutted that it didn’t work out that way. But if you don’t mind, I’d like to leave it intact, even though things changed so much after it was posted.) About a month ago, my DAWG Nation family asked if I’d like to start writing a blog po…

He’s a Stand Up Stand Up

February 23, 2016
Steve “Mudflap” McGrew headlines the 6th Annual Stand Up for DAWG Nation Wednesday, March 16, at Comedy Works South at the Landmark.  McGrew has opened for Dolly Parton and the Beach Boys among others, is a 3 time CMA winner and had his own special on Comedy Central. Steve has been doing comedy for 30 years and calls Parker, Colorado home. OPENING DRAW Jeff:  Making peo…


February 18, 2016
Brian “Opie” needs help with uncovered medical expenses. Brian Wassberg, affectionately known as “Opie” in the hockey community, has been playing goalie for over 40 years in numerous hockey leagues including the Edge Old Time Hockey league at The Edge Ice Arena. The years playing goalie have taken their toll, and Opie had his left knee surgically replaced on January 14, 2016 and had h…

Hedgie’s a Full Fledged DAWG

January 18, 2016
All the way back in 1998, my wife Annie and I were season ticket holders for the Colorado Avalanche, because at that time we didn’t have four kids in little league sports, and we still had something that resembled a life. It turns out kids are a pretty significant time suck- who knew? Anyway, we went to a pre-season game down at the old McNichols Arena, and the contest featured mostly rookie…

More Than a Coincidence

January 15, 2016
As you all know, DAWG Nation began primarily as a way to pay tribute and honor our fallen teammate and friend Jack Kelly. Since the inception of DAWG Nation you can see the Kelly girls, Jack’s daughters, at just about every event. The ladies are always a great help but Jack’s middle daughter, Shannon, stands out from the crowd. Shannon, who most resembles Jack in appearance, is an amaz…

A Message From Dave and Amanda

January 11, 2016
The following note was handed to DAWG Nation President, Martin Richardson, before the Dave Repsher benefit on Saturday, January 9th, by Dave’s mother. She requested we read this powerful note to the audience as an acknowledgment and thanks to everyone that have done so much for this special family. In life there are moments that you cherish. Dave and I are fortunate enough to have had so…

Skating with a Legend

January 5, 2016
Being a long time Avs fan it never gets old getting to spend time with some the legends that skated for the burgundy and blue. One of the perks of DAWG Nation is having the opportunity to meet and work with several of the Avs greats but it’s a rarity that I actually get to “lace em’ up” with one of my hockey heros. On December 27th I received a call from Milan Hejduk sharing that he and his …

DAWG Nation Wins SCI Community Award

November 30, 2015
The DAWGs clean up well!  A good looking group of ten DAWGs and DAWGettes enjoyed a nice night out at the “Hops for Hope” gala in November.  The event is the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Project’s premier fundraising event and this year was very special for all of us at DAWG Nation. After enjoying libations and a delicious meal, we were treated to a top notch silent auction which light…
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