Ziggy, Meghann and Tanner—We are here for you.


From the heart of Todd Gehrke:

As I sit in my office I struggle to find the words. Sadness confusion helplessness don’t really do it. After writing and rewriting I have realized that there are no words. On the afternoon of Friday May 26th Rylie passed away.

As a member of DAWG Nation I have seen so many miracles I am not prepared for this. Our hockey community is made up of so many people just like Ziggy. Ziggy is a “buddy”. He is fun to skate with, joke with, drink a beer with, talk hockey with, the list goes on. He is so many of us. A dad. A friend.

He is a good person.

A big part of our desire to rally and support each other comes from that connection, that community. We all hope and pray for the best. We do our best to show support and hold on tight to the idea that “everything will be OK.”

As we move forward from this tragedy I look back on Meghann and Ziggy’s words. Rylie has helped us all through no choice of her own to remember to embrace life every day. To share warmth, love and support for each other, and be full of joy.

I impress upon you to join Meghann in her choice on how to move forward.

“I will continue to follow her lead and find ways to spread joy each day. No matter how defeated, tired, frustrated, etc, I may feel – I will seek out ways to spread joy.”

Ziggy, Meghann and Tanner. I am so sorry.

Todd Gehrke
DAWG Nation Hockey Foundation

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