Youre Not Alone


This pic absolutely made my day. Taken on Sunday in the courtyard of Craig Hospital, these are two amazing young men (Ethan and Ashton) that have had their respective lives turned upside down. Despite that, the beautiful smiles of these two new friends accentuates the importance of companionship during the healing process. Paramount to the journey is the role of the family and the caretaker. With both boys supported by their rocks, Meghan and Cassi, they couldn’t have better support systems. Both moms are strong women that can lean on each other as they navigate good days, bad days, milestones, setbacks, cheers and tears.
And not to be overlooked, is the inclusion of a loyal bulldog on the left. To me this symbolically represents the loving community behind the Stephenson’s and Glynn’s, showing them that they are not alone.
One day at a time boys, can’t wait to continue to watch you both shock the world!
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