Way To Go Kyle!!!


It was another great day with the Hockey Heals crew as I returned to ice after my European hiatus. Today was a little more special though as right before I hit the ice I received a super cool text from Kyle Lindholm. Only 7 months ago Kyle had a very scary seizure that resulted in emergency brain surgery to remove a golf ball sized tumor. The surgery ended his season at Florida Gulf Coast University and nearly ended his life. This past summer Kyle joined us for a Hockey Heals skate, the first time he had been on skates since the seizure in February. I instantly connected with this warrior and honestly just wanted to him get back to a normal routine. However, Kyle’s plans were much loftier than that as he dedicated himself to cracking the FGCU lineup again. When he shared his goal I silently thought it was probably unattainable. Well guess what, Kyle made the team!!!! Truly remarkable and I’m sure my eyes will have tears in them when Kyle hits this ice for the team’s home opener this Friday night!
So proud of you buddy, and yup, Hockey really does Heal!!!

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