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Tony Huss is the founder of the Loons and the leader of a Tuesday night skate that’s been in existence since the mid 2000s. Often called “Coach” by the boys, Huss was always good for some nifty wristers and never had a bad word for anyone. Nobody understands the importance of the camaraderie and the friendship of hockey.
   It started at the lake in Evergreen in the 90s. Tony and a few other lake legends played pond hockey for a while, then took The Loons to league hockey. Loons are common in Minnesota where Tony grew up. A great athlete, he grew up playing not only hockey, but football. He could throw the long ball as a QB in high school.
   His move to Colorado and his life with his beautiful wife Dore led to two outstanding sons Luke and Cal and an excellent reputation as a general contractor. Much of the finest work in Evergreen has Tony’s mark on it.
   The Loons eventually found playing their own game was less disputatious than league hockey and bought ice at Foothills Ice Arena. If you get into Huss’ skate on Tuesdays, you’ve arrived in the game’s sweet spot. 
   He was diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2019. Recently it’s returned and spread. He’s in chemo again. He’s up to the challenge he says. No one doubts that. 
   There’s never been a better leader and friend. He is all humor and humility. Everyone loves and respects Tony. He often led the conversation over beers and barbeque food in the parking lot after the games. He wanted to know how everyone was doing. Tony hasn’t been playing after losing a kidney to cancer, but on the board every Tuesday night at Foothills, the skate bears one name: “Huss.” We wouldn’t call it anything else. 
-The Loons and DAWG Nation go way beck to their very roots and just as the Loons have always shown up in support the DAWG mission, we ask for your support to help Tony in his fight against the C word. GO DAWGS!

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