The Most Interesting Man in the World


If you know me, then you likely know the amazing Cooper “Coop” Tippett! Coop wakes up everyday with the reality of MPS (Morquio Syndrome), a rare genetic disorder that affects his bones, organs, spine and physical abilities. Despite those challenges, Coop lives a very active life showing us all what “living life to it’s fullest” looks like. Check out this week by Coop:
Monday – Coop receives a surprise visit from Bernie (Avs mascot) to share that he will be the “Av for a Day” on 12/15.
Tuesday – Coop plays an integral role in helping Dawg Nation break all previous “Colorado Gives Day” records!
Wednesday – Coop slips on his Children’s Hospital Ambassador hat and takes on the role of junior reporter at the Denver Broncos practice.
Friday – Coop joins his sister (Campbell) onstage as the drummer for “Roscoe and the Doggies” and wows the crowd at Fraco’s Bar in Littleton.
Absolutely incredible week for my little buddy! Coop, you are truly an inspiration to us all!
Here’s to not letting obstacles keep you from making your dreams come true!
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