Survivor Game


Each year the Survivor Game is the highlight of Dawg Bowl for me. Addressing a locker room full of real hockey heros is truly second to none as cheers and tears are in abundance as I share some of the stories that make up the room.

The idea of the Survivor Game was hatched quite accidentally over post game beers with myself, Danny Packard and Steve Jouflas. Who knew that over ten years later that unlikely conversation would end up positively affecting the lives of countless souls.

This year was just a little extra special though as I was able to share a bit of my own dad’s journey with this special group. Every spring I have the honor and important task of designing a jersey and coming up with an appropriate theme for this powerful game. For me, this year’s choice, albeit a bit selfish, would be about cancer and honoring all those who have passed, are in their battle, or have survived!

I have quite a few hockey jerseys, but zero with the names and numbers of the NHL greats that have shaped the game I love. Instead I choose sweaters that have deep and strong sentimental value to me. Jerseys that allow me to tell the stories of Sean, Jack, Kim, Dave, Butch, Robb, Heather, Tammy and of course my dad.

Here’s to all the wonderful souls that I have been blessed to know, all stemming from that unlikely meeting in 2011. Cheers to you Pops!

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