Surprise Sarah!!!


EIght months ago I was incredibly blessed to meet a beautiful soul named Sarah Karr. I instantly fell in love with her spirit, her will, her desire and her infectious smile. Sarah has been dealt a difficult hand, but faces every day with a positive attitude and an unwavering desire to beat what some consider insurmountable odds.
Last night was my opportunity to give this warrior a little boost, and that came in the form of her all time favorite hockey player. As I posed for a pic with Sarah, her hockey hero snuck up from behind. A quick tap on the shoulder had Sarah staring straight at NHL legend Joe Sakic! #19 then spent the next hour being, well, Super Joe!! Sarah beamed with pride as I witnessed her enjoying a night she will never forget.
I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that surrounding yourself with positivity provides a strength that cannot be measured. Here’s to you Sarah Karr, continue to show us all what living life to its fullest looks like!
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