Sully is Home


After two long (and scary) weeks in the ICU, Michael Sullivan retunred home on April 8th!! The Freeman’s joined Cappy to welcome the DAWG legend home! A custom sign by Ella Freeman and a cold Guinness (thank you Smalls) were the icing on the cake for the social distancing celebration! Sully will still be quarantined for 14 days, living in a trailer in the driveway of the family home, but he could not be happier with his loved ones just a few feet away. A tearful Sully said, “I just can’t believe how much love there’s been for an old fool like me. It’s been so important, thank you everyone!”

A Follow Up Visit

It was a great day as the DAWGS made another visit to Sully’s place on Saturday, April 11 and this time it included a surprise gift to Sully’s grandson, Ralph. Little Ralph has inherited his grandpa’s passion for hockey and has been working on his game by tuning into Gabe Gauthier’s training videos. Ralph has been hoping for a shooting pad to hone his skills and today we helped make that wish come true.

NHLers Chip In

With several NHLers chipping in, Gabe Gauthier was able join Cappy and hand deliver the new pad to the little superstar. Setting up shop in the middle of the driveway, Sully literally has a front row seat to watch his favorite hockey player!

We are beyond thrilled to have have Sully safe and sound! Thank you everyone for words, prayers, thoughts and good vibes that brought our Sully home to where he belongs!

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