Stacey Burdick


Stacey Burdick

On March 28, 2023, Stacey Burdick was diagnosed with rectal cancer. She has undergone radiation and is undergoing chemotherapy presently. Her doctors are telling her she may require future surgeries depending on her progress. Stacey is a Teacher’s Aide for special needs children at Eastwood Elementary School in East Alton, Illinois. Her husband, Travis, is a Captain with the East Alton Fire Department and is also retired military. They have two children, age 16 and 14. 

Stacey is a hockey mom, through and through. Her 16-year-old son plays for the Twin Bridges Lightning 
Hockey Club and plays JV and Varsity hockey for the local high school. Stacey’s 14-year-old daughter 
also plays JV and Varsity hockey for the local high school. Her husband, Travis, still plays for the Metro 
East Responders. Stacey also sits on Board for the local high school’s hockey team and Travis is an 
Assistant Coach for both the JV and Varsity teams.
Stacey’s diagnosis has rocked her family and prevented her from working and providing for her family. 
When she is undergoing chemotherapy, she has to rest and cannot assist her family around the house 
and misses out on many family events. Travis and her children are very concerned about what life might 
look like without her. Finances are a major concern moving forward.   We hope you can help this hard-working 
hockey family. Please consider donating to this family. The board at DAWG Nation has approved a 3-1 match per dollar to help them in this critical time. 
On July 15th at 7pm the DAWG’S will take on the Metro East First Responders to benefit the family. Stacy’s husband Travis will play for the first Responders. A special presentation is set to take place before the game for the family. The songbird of St. Louis Charles Glenn is set to sing the National Anthem before the game. Former NHL enforcers Reed Low and Cam Janssen will suit up to play in the game. Reed Low will do a live auction during the 2nd intermission.




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