Skating with a Legend


pond-hockey_marty-milanBeing a long time Avs fan it never gets old getting to spend time with some the legends that skated for the burgundy and blue. One of the perks of DAWG Nation is having the opportunity to meet and work with several of the Avs greats but it’s a rarity that I actually get to “lace em’ up” with one of my hockey heros.

On December 27th I received a call from Milan Hejduk sharing that he and his boys were headed up to Evergreen Lake for some pond hockey and asked if I’d like to join them. I was in the middle of my “honey do” list but it was pretty obvious to my wife (Cindy) that the list was going to wait until another day as I scrambled to gather my gear.

It was a cold but sunny day at the lake and I was in my element! We skated for a good three hours and finished up the day with an ice cold Molson and some laughs. I even got the great Milan Hejduk to don my DAWGs’ jersey for the entire skate!!

How’s that for a hockey memory?!!

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