Shutout the Stigma


Opening up about mental health has never been something that was easy for me to do. Growing up in the “suck it up and rub some dirt on it” era has ingrained a vulnerability inside my core that is difficult to pierce. But last night I witnessed what real courage and toughness looks like. Johnny, Sandy and Dr. P are strong, courageous and brave men that are willing to share their difficult stories in order to help others. Now that’s bravery.
I certainly stepped out of my lane for this event but hats off to everyone that contributed to make “Shutout the Stigma” a powerful and important evening. For me the highlight was having the opportunity to put my arm around a true American hero that was struggling to share his story. It wasn’t intentional but I felt the relief come off of Johnny’s shoulders as he realized that he was “not alone” and we truly had his back.
If there are times you are struggling and feel all alone don’t be afraid to reach out. As Dr. P shared, love conquers all. The three most important words in our vocabulary are “I love you”. Say them, share them, and mean them. ❤️
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