Porter Hits the Ice!


Five years ago little Porter Johnson woke up every day facing leukemia straight in the eye. For a three year old he knew way too much about chemo, cancer, medicine, treatments, hospitals and pain. But Porter also knew about hope, family, great doctors, friendship, support and love. Despite the challenges, Porter always greeted me with a big smile and a big hug. It was touch and go at times, but I always felt this was one tough kid that was going to prevail. Well today we put the icing on the cake as I was blessed to share the ice with this little stud. Now cancer free, Porter donned the perfect jersey for the occasion, a number 8 with “SURVIVOR” proudly displayed on his name plate. Smiles were in abundance as he glided up and down the APEX ice, just being a regular kid! Way to go Porter, you are already a champion in life and an inspiration to many, and it’s only the beginning!!


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