Pods is in the Building


Let’s keep those “no coincidences” rolling! Last night I accompanied Jan to the opening ceremonies of the “World Selects Invitational” in Philly. It was a pretty cool scene as each team entered the arena and filled the Flyers practice facility to the rim! Jannie shared they usually have a guest speaker that played in the NHL, so I was looking forward to listening to that piece.

Well, I was kind of blown away when it ended up being none other than Shjon Podein! The same Shjon Podein that is legend in Avalanche lore for wearing his full uniform for 24 straight hours after the 2001 Cup! The same Shjon Podein that I’ve known for years on the charity side! The same Shjon Podein that I’ve shared many stories and almost as many cold ones with!

The crazy part is Shjon doesn’t live anywhere near Philly, and neither do I. Turns out he was a last second replacement to speak and I didn’t book my flight until this last weekend. When the evening ended, I went up to the stage and Shjon’s look of surprise followed by a BIG Podein bear hug was priceless! We caught up, talked about old times and snapped a picture with our 2009 Junior Dawgs!! Now that’s what I call a “no coincidence”!!!!

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