Peter McNab is in the House!


It was a terrific afternoon spent with the legendary Peter “Maxey” McNab and the remarkable Christian Moreno. One is a two time liver cancer survivor and the other is in the midst of his fight, but getting the upper hand. We talked about health, family, the Avs, DU and just about everything in between.

As usual, Peter shared some of his incredible stories that never get old, and this time even tossed in a couple of new ones that had my jaw dropping! For me it was a big day as it was the first time I have seen Peter in person since his scary diagnosis last fall.

He was my same old pal, but shared it has been a trying year on many fronts as only those that have faced cancer head on can truly understand. Here’s to Peter, here’s to Christian and here’s to all of those that have taken on, or are taking on, the dreaded “C” word. God Bless you all!

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