People Care


DAWG Nation Makes a Difference!

DAWG Nation makes a difference because DAWG Nation hands out checks, huge checks, to those less fortunate than those of us who have not experienced a sudden loss of health. And, when it happens, it makes a huge difference in people’s lives. I know, not because I have received a check, but because my twenty-three year old son did.

Knowing People Care.

The real difference made by DAWG Nation however doesn’t come from funds given to pay health bills, etc. it comes from knowing people care. And you know people care when complete strangers, and I’m talking about 100’s of strangers start sending get well emails, or I got your back emails, many offering help with everyday tasks. Believe me, this has a positive impact.

I was there.

I was there that day when DAWG Nation showed up to my son’s hospital room after his first surgery. Martin called asking if it was okay. I said to him that the doctors wanted him to have some peace and quiet. Martin said, “He will after we leave”. So, I said sure, it’s okay if a few of you stop by.

Nine hockey players showed up with a banner and $1,000.00 cash from passing the hat around a few teams. It was anything but quiet and my son had his spirits lifted. The cash meant a lot. It helped take a little pressure off, but it was the guys that made the difference. Knowing that these guys cared enough to take time out of their day to say (and show) hey, you are not doing this alone affected my son and myself.

Ask my son.

Did the DAWG Nation guys make an impact? Was it worth their time to perform a small act of kindness? Ask my son. His name is Danny Packard, and you’ll find him playing ice hockey at Edge Ice Arena in Littleton, CO.

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