One Scrappy Dawg!


2,539 days ago, Kenny Hughes woke up, looked in the mirror and saw a father that needed to change. That day, Kenny chose his son (Hunter) over the bottle. That translates into nearly seven years of sober living and has resulted in an incredible father/son bond. Today Kenny owns and operates a food truck called “Garden State Sliders Company”. Do yourself a favor a check it out, I did today and was not disappointed! In addition to an amazing Philly Cheese, Kenny surprised me with a “Scrappy Dawgs” jersey that he designed for his son’s team. The Scrappy Dawgs will compete at the 9280 pond tourney this winter and will be raising money for a little girl recently diagnosed with cancer. Kenny is an unsung hero in our community and an inspiration to many. Hats off to you Kenny Hughes, you are truly showing us all what making the most of second chances looks like!

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