New Addition to the Top Dawgs


There were many highlights from last weekend, but perhaps the most unexpected was witnessing Minnesota Wild legend Mikko Koivu becoming a Dawg! Thanks to Tommy Powers, we were able to add Mikko to our Top Dawg roster and I was just hoping we’d get Mikko to participate in a game or two. Well did I ever underestimate the big Finn. Mikko wowed us all with his talent on the ice, but blew us away with his generosity! Mikko not only attended the “JUST BE GR8” reception, but made it a point to spend important time with Ethan. After that he raised his hand with a $8,888 donation and then handed us a signed, game used stick that went for another $2,000!! And that wasn’t all, he came back the next day to don the Top Dawgs sweater again!! As we parted ways, Mikko said to me, “thanks Marty, it was a great weekend”. Yes it was!

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