Mike Maciolek Earns the JK Sportsmanship Award


Mike Maciolek wins JK Trophy

A Well Earned Award

The Jack Kelly Award is given for sportsmanship exemplifying those that play hard, play fair, are gracious in defeat, humble in victory and give back to their community. Michael Maciolek earned the award and checked every box.

Play Hard = Whether Mike is playing defense or offense, he gives it all he has even without complaint. He stays positive with his teammates, opponents, and the referees.

Play Fair = With just 6 penalty minutes for the entire winter season in the West Denver Hockey League, Mike is known for playing the sport in a way that builds comradery in the league.

Be Gracious in Defeat = You never hear a negative word out of Mike after a game.  He is a first to shake your hand type of guy and congratulate you on your victory.

Be Modest in  Victory = After losing to Mike, he will keep the conversation focused on how well your team played and offers you a victory beer.

Give Back (to their community, the game of hockey, DAWG Nation, etc) = Mike is huge DAWG Nation supporter across all things DAWG Nation. Mike and Mainline West are at every event, whether it is the DAWG Bowl, THe DAWG Nation WInter Classic, Tee It Up for DAWG Nation, Stand Up for DAWG Nation, or the latest Corn DAWG, you will find MIke Maciolek there supporting DAWG Nation, sponsoring the event, and helping us help the next family in need. Mike and Mainline West were also early supports of our capital campaign, Building Hockey’s Heart.

Mike also builds community across the hockey community outside of DAWG Nation, planning multiple Vegas hockey trips, organizing hockey games on a private pond, hosting team gatherings and offering fireball shots to everyone.  

One of his nominators, Steve Riegel described Mike as “a helluva guy that attracts people to the game of hockey and to the Mainline team.  We have a great culture that he helps set the tone for each and every game.  It would be a huge honor for a guy that shys away from the credit that he deserves.”  

Many Worthy Nominees

DAWG Nation was honored to have eight incredible nominees-Rei Martinez, Garrett Ladd, Keith Young, Steve Holmes, Jason Martinez, Dan Turner (not pictured) and Joe Mahoney. We are proud to have you all in the company of honoring Jack Kelly- the reason behind the formation of DAWG Nation Hockey Foundation!

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