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On Friday April 21st the St. Louis Fire on Ice Hockey Club took on the St. Louis DAWG’S to kick off Jonny O’s 3-on-3 Affton Bash weekend. The community came together to help an injured Belleville Fire Fighter who was hurt in the line of duty. Mark Bassler was living out his dream career until tragedy struck. After a staircase collapsed while fighting a fire Mark was left unable to continue his job with the department and has faced a long road to recovery. After many surgeries and setbacks his still faces a challenging path forward. 

The community came together  for him on that night for him. St Louis Metropolitan police officer Ava Miller Gavlen sung a beautiful National Anthem. Mark dropped the Ceremonial Puck to kick off the game. After that he was presented a check for 10k in front of friends and family along with a special DAWG Nation jersey. Unfortunately for the DAWGS it wasn’t their night on the ice however fitting the moment his peers on the fire on Ice team took home the trophy that night. Mark was joined by his wife and children. Mark was very grateful and humbled by the outpouring of support for them. He spoke with both teams before the game and thanks everyone and wished them well in the game. 

St. Louis area Firefighter, Father, Hockey Player 

On February 1, 2021, Mark Bassler, a firefighter for Belleville fire department was on a call when he severely injured his back.  After multiple surgeries, Mark is was in agonizing pain for almost two years, and left unable to continue in his dream career, he had to leave his hockey teams behind, and most devastatingly, he struggles to play with his two young daughters.

Family Man

This tragedy is undoubtedly a family affair, and as we learn more about the incredible man that Mark is, we find that his sister Mary’s words convey the reality of this hardship the best:

“Mark is an amazing dad to two little girls and a great husband to his wife, Jennifer. Sadly, his injuries have caused his family real hardship. A hardship hard to watch your family have to go through. Since he has not been able to work, they have been trying to live on his wife’s teacher salary. He also has not been able to do what most dads might take for granted. He has been living in so much pain that it hurts him to move and even sleep. For almost two years, he couldn’t play with his girls like he used to, do housework or even lift his youngest 3-year-old daughter. Can you imagine not being able to lift your own daughter when she is asking you to? It has been so heart wrenching to watch.”

The Bumpy Road Continues

Over the past two years Mark has undergone three surgeries with the insurance company fighting them along the way.  In between surgeries, Mark was admitted to the hospital while experiencing chest pains.  He was suffering from a pulmonary embolism and had over 30 blood clots in his lungs. He almost didn’t make it.  

The Last two years have been incredibly difficult on the Bassler family physically, emotionally, and financially.  As you can imagine Mark and his family are facing a mountain of medical bills and a long road ahead. Lets help this community hero remember he is not alone. 

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